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About Us

Dina Wyshogrod, PhD 

I am a licensed clinical and medical psychologist specializing in anxiety disorders, stress reduction and behavioral medicine.

I pioneered the Mindfulness-Based Stress Reduction (MBSR) program in Israel, bringing it to this country and establishing MBSR-ISRAEL in 2002. I am certified as a Teacher and Trainer of MBSR
by the Center for Mindfulness, USA, where MBSR was developed. Through MBSR-ISRAEL, I provide training in mindfulness to the general public and professionals throughout Israel and internationally. I am also a certified Yoga teacher.

I recently created a new audio course, EVERYDAY MINDFULNESS,
a practical, user-friendly, and fun way to learn how to reduce stress and enhance health, creativity and wellbeing using mindfulness techniques. You learn on the go, by tuning into short and sweet lessons delivered right to your phone via an app called
ALPE AUDIO. Whether you're new to mindfulness or could use a refresher, see how mindfulness 
can help you transform your life.


Those are some of my official credentials. What it all means, very simply, is that I've dedicated my life to helping people be calmer, healthier, happier, freer and more fulfilled. And to having fun along the way.

And all that comes together in our amazing Mindful India trips.

Especially the fun part.

This will be my tenth trip to India and I am looking forward to it so much! Each trip so far has been an eye-opening, mind-blowing, heart-expanding experience, and I can't wait to see how this will unfold on Mindful India 2024. I look forward to experiencing the wonders of India with you, and to exploring together how the power of mindfulness can enrich your life, both on the trip and long after you get back home.  


Rachelle Oseran


I am a certified Yoga and Pilates instructor and childbirth educator with over 30 years of teaching experience, including co-directing Great Shape/YMCA, the Group Exercise Department of the Jerusalem International YMCA for 
23 years. I specialize in MBCP (Mindfulness-Based Childbirth and Parenting), an official off-shoot of MBSR.

My new online course, IMPROVING CORE FUNCTION, will help strengthen the core and relieve back pain and the symptoms of pelvic floor imbalance. The program will help develop ‘stability and ease’ both in the body and in the mind. Learn more about this transformative course on my website:


As I’ve done on previous Mindful India trips, I look forward to introducing

you to how you can find grounding and ease in the body, both in times of

stress and in everyday life.

I was born in Zimbabwe and have traveled extensively, including living in Asia for a year with my family, and have organized "off the beaten track" trips for many years. I have visited India 15 times and look forward to sharing with you the land, people, culture, music and literature of India.

We will even learn some Bollywood dances together!




We're really good friends and we have a blast together. 

We know you will too!!!!!

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