Testimonials - here’s what past participants have said about our trips:

“[Mindfulness] added a dimension to the trip that made it so much more significant and meaningful. I appreciated the morning “retreats” that were built in to the two weeks, the two Shabbatot and one weekday; starting the days with yoga/meditation, the check ins and Dina’s availability to process if one needed it.” Judith, 2019

“[The Mindfulness aspect of the trip] contributed tremendously on a personal level and on a group level in which it helped to connect and bond people and unify the group.” Anon., 2019

“I have no words – or not enough words – to express my gratitude (ALL OVER MY BODY) for the [Mindfulness] sessions. I don’t know if it is due to previous exposure or your present way of presenting material but the concepts and meanings were more ‘absorbable’.” R., 2019 

“The combinations of yoga + mindfulness was EXCELLENT.” R., 2019

“I loved [the mindfulness]. I hope I can put myself in a better place and start to really integrate that into my life. Regret I don’t live in Jerusalem to learn from you two ‘enlightened’ women.” Peninah 2019 

“…more than an amazing sightseeing adventure. It was a deep learning experience about culture, mindfulness, meditation and yoga. I especially acquired necessary life skills regarding handling stress. I felt well taken care of, which was important for a first visit to a strange country. In short, it was an experience of a lifetime.” Peninah, 2018

“I am not exaggerating when I say that this trip was a life changer for me. Your hard work and caring were obvious all the time and made this possible.” Nava, 2017

“You created an unforgettable adventure that we would never have attempted on our own. Your attention to detail and to each person’s needs on the trip was amazing.” Rolinda, 2017

“I had a wonderful time; the trip was well planned, the leaders were amazing and it was really good to meet new people. Was also great traveling with good friends. Really looking forward to the next trip – we are there!” Shelly, 2017

“The mindfulness helped me stop… and smell the roses – tea leaves – it really is a gift that never stops giving.” Shosh, 2017

“I got a very good ‘taste’ of using mindfulness in everyday life without it being an ‘exercise….   All in all I felt very comfortable on the trip, ‘taken care of’, a very good feeling of being able to relax without having to ‘plan’ anything!” D., 2017

“[The mindfulness was] very meaningful and important. It gave depth and enriched the trip enormously.” Joop, 2017

“[Thanks to the mindfulness practices] I feel I’ve learned good tools for life – thank you!” Judy, 2017

“Thank you for giving me an experience of a lifetime.” Batia, 2017

“Just to add our thanks to both of our wonderful leaders for facilitating an exceptional experience and for managing the group so well. You both remained so centered which was really helpful and made this trip into a lifetime experience.” Rina and Ivan, 2017

“[Mindfulness] was extremely important to me and I think that it would have been a very different trip without it. The formal practice, as always, was good but far more important for me was the daily integration of mindfulness. The constant reminders throughout the day were a real learning experience; reminders about mindful eating, about grounding after transitions and other stressful situations. Formal practice is available in many frameworks but this was a unique experience of mindfulness as part of my life in real time. I can’t thank you enough for that.” Nava, 2017

“Thanks!!!! The organization was superb and the participants were great travelling companions. It was less a “vacation/trip” than a major life experience.” Janis, 2015


“This was a remarkable experience on many levels … It far exceeded my expectations.” R., 2015

“I came to this trip with minimal to no idea of what it would be like. … I could not think of better organization, information and people than we had. Amazing!” Amiel, 2014

“The whole trip was just one big highlight of my life! Thank you for everything – for thinking of all the details – no matter how small, for taking care of our emotional and physical well being.” Joyce, 2014

“The trip was more than my wildest dreams.” Mona, 2014

[The mindfulness aspect] gave a feeling of ‘space’, of getting back to myself!” Ruth, 2014

“Mindfulness separates this trip from others that are offered on the market.” Lea, 2014 

“This was my introduction [to mindfulness].  I was really swept away by Dr. Dina and her sessions. I feel more grounded and now try to incorporate some mindfulness into every day.” Margie, 2013

“For me trying and practicing Mindfulness was a real highlight and real attraction of the trip. I enjoyed doing and Yoga and particularly enjoyed trying the different ways of gaining Mindfulness. It has given me a taste of something that I want to continue to learn more about.” Ida, 2013

“I have been on a high during and since the trip. You promised an interesting and fun trip and that is exactly what I got.” Rachel, 2012

“One aspect of the trip that I appreciated besides the great organization and the care for our safety was the feeling of generosity on your part. There was no skimping.” Rachel, 2012

“The exceeding care and professionalism with which this experience was planned and implemented was a major factor in its outstanding success! The mindfulness aspect was central for me… The best packing list in the world… I thank you for this gift of a lifetime!!” Sally, 2012

“I found the meditation had a calming effect that lasted for hours.” Shosh, 2012

You gave us numbers 1 to 5 (on the evaluation form) – but this trip was a full 10.” Shosh, 2012

“This was a transformative experience… Great integrity, sensitivity, and passion went into the planning by the group leaders…The Mindfulness aspect made the trip move to another level – enriched it enormously and set this apart from other tours. Thanks for making this trip such a standout.” Helena, 2012

“Dina and Rachelle put the utmost effort in preparation and presentation of this most interesting and varied trip. Time and schedule kept it all flowing so smoothly with the minimum of fuss and just no agitation.” Maureen, 2011   

“The trip under your capable guidance was a most rewarding and unforgettable experience. From the very start, your organizational ability and [pre-trip] planning, the efficient handling of the airline bookings, insurance and visa requirements… meant that when we finally departed from Israel we all knew that we were in most capable hands...  What was particularly special about this trip was the incorporation of meditation and mindfulness throughout the tour... a first-class tour combined with practices for spiritual and general well-being - a great combination!” Marcy, 2010.

“I got a lot out of the Mindfulness sessions… [They] kept my mind focused and I felt as if the trip had an extra special dimension.” Maureen, 2011

“…The mini seminars on Shabbat morning were very special – gave us (uninterrupted) time to get in touch with ourselves. The experience was very powerful.” Linda, 2011

“I particularly loved Friday evening Kabbalat Shabbat....It was very spiritual and lovely, even for people who do not consider themselves religious.” Bella, 2009

“I felt cared for the whole trip.” Susanne, 2010

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